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AMP Champ Telco Cable Assemblies

System Connections manufacture a full range of quality Telco cable assemblies for voice, Cat3 and Cat5 applications. They are used extensively in telecommunication applications as drop cables, extension cables or with patch panels and distribution boxes with punch down blocks. Our strictly controlled manufacturing processes ensure a quality product with on-time delivery to meet with the demands of today's installation teams. All AMP Champ Telco cable assemblies built to order; please specify gender, lengths and wiring details.…

AMP Champ, RJ21, Telco, BT226 Cable Assemblies
24, 36, 50, 64 ways
90°, 110°, 180° covers screwlock or baillock
Single (open) end, double end types
Shielded, unshielded connectors/cable
Voice (CW1308), Cat3, Cat5 cable
PVC, LSOH jacket
Various colours – white, grey, orange, violet etc.
Labelling, sleeving
Standard/Custom lengths

AMP Champ Telco Cable Assemblies
Hydra/Octopus Cable Assemblies
Telco to Telco (multi-leg)
Telco to RJ45 (multi-leg)
Telco to RJ11 (multi-leg)
Telco to sub 'D' (multi-leg)
AMP Champ Hydra Cable Assemblies

Amphenol 57 Series Cable Assemblies
36, 50 & 64 way
90° & 180° covers
Screwlock or springlock

Amphenol 57 Series Cable Assemblies

Configured Patch Panel/Connection Boxes
16 port x 1U, 24 port x 1U, 48 port 1U & 2U wired to requirement
Fully wired connection boxes (Krone)
200, 300 and 500 series
Extension modules

Configured Patch Panel/Connection Boxes

System Connections
has the design, development and manufacturing resources to produce custom assemblies tailored to specific applications and needs. To discuss your specific requirements email our sales and engineering department or Telephone +44 (0)1223 863377; Fax +44 (0)1223 863625.

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