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Data & Telecom Communication Cable Assemblies

System Connections offers a fully customised cable assembly service for a multitude of applications. Our expertise gathered over many years assures our customers that the product they receive meets or exceeds their expectations.
All multicore cable assemblies built to order; please specify gender, lengths and wiring details.…

Custom made multicore cable assemblies
D Subminiature, HD20 9, 15, 25, 37 and 50 way,
High Density D Sub, HD22 15, 26, 44 and 62 way,
mixed layout, combination D's (RF, high power and high voltage), waterproof.

V.35 (MRAC), X.21, RS232, RS422, circular, rectangular, SCSI, XLR etc.
Shielded, unshielded Multicore, twisted pair, extended distance, composite PVC, LSOH outer jacket

To discuss your specific requirements email our sales and engineering department


Over moulded cable assemblies
Moulded cable assemblies
Waterproof cable assemblies
SCSI, DVI, VHDCI, circular DIN,
RCA-Phono, MDR, SDL, "D" Subminiature.


Overmoulding can be provided for most standard connectors such as subminiature D types, circular connectors, multipole, RJ45, RJ11, etc.

System Connections has the design, development and manufacturing resources to produce custom assemblies tailored to specific applications and needs; please specify gender, lengths and wiring details. To discuss your specific requirements email our sales and engineering department or Telephone +44 (0)1223 863377; Fax +44 (0)1223 863625.


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