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12GHz RF/Coaxial Adaptors and Patch Cables

12GHz RF/Coaxial Adaptors and Patch Cables

12GHz, 6GHz and 3GHz RF/Coaxial Adaptors and Patch Cables for High Definition High Speed  Video Broadcast Applications
  • Optimised for SD, HD  and 4K Ultra HD Broadcast Applications
  • BNC, Micro BNC, DIN 1.0/2.3  combinations available
  • Straight, Right Angle, Bulkhead  Jack and Plug termination
  • Cable Types include  Belden 1694A and 1855A
  • Special Colour Coding, Labelling and Identification Symbols available
12GHz, 6GHz and 12GHz Patch leads and RF/Coaxial adaptors

System Connections (Cambridge) use precision components from Cambridge Connectors, technology leader in 12 GHz RF Coaxial connectors, and high quality cables from world leading branded manufacturers to produce these Coaxial Cable Adapters and Patch Leads.

Used for connecting, interfacing and patching equipments to high speed data communication networks, they meet the needs of the Broadcast, HDTV, High Speed Data Recognition and Machine Vision Industries.

Available in any combination of BNC, Micro BNC and DIN 1.0/2.3, assemblies are made to customer order with no minimum order quantity for special lengths. Cable can also be further customised  by colour coding, bespoke labelling and special marking to suit custom applications

Cable Assemblies for 12GHz applicatons - 3GHz and 6GHz versions also available
Part Number for Belden 1855A
Part Number for Belden 1694A
Part Number for Belden 4855R
Part Number for Belden 4694R
Part Number for Belden 4794R
BNC Plug to
BNC Plug
BNC Plug to
Micro BNC Plug
BNC Plug to
BNC B/Head Jack
Micro BNC Plug to
Micro BNC Plug
BNC B/Head Jack
to Micro BNC Plug
  xxxxxx=cable length in mm - e.g. 00300=30cm


Looms and Harnesses for High Definition High Speed  Video Broadcast Applications.
All Looms and Harnesss are made to customer order and specification and can be made up of a variety of RF coaxial connector combinations together with additional power or other signal connectors to meet special requirements. The looms/harnesses can be made up using braid sleeving, flexible conduits or special composite cable for use indoors, clean rooms or ruggedised for outdoor applications.
Optional Mixed Layout D Subminiature connector (e.g. 5W5 with coaxial inserts) are also available.

Looms for Broadcast Applications

System Connections has the design, development and manufacturing resources to produce custom assemblies tailored to specific applications and needs.
To discuss your specific requirements email our sales and engineering department or Telephone +44 (0)1223 863377; Fax +44 (0)1223 863625.

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