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FCT Contacts

FCT Contacts

As an authorised distributor Cambridge Connectors is able to offer technical and design-in support on all of FCT's Connectors, Hoods and Accessories.

High Power FMA Range
High Power FMP Range
High power contacts according DIN 41626 part 1 are designed forD-Sub Mixed layout connectors and connectors  according to EN 60603-2 (previously DIN 41612).

High Voltage Mixed Layout
High Voltage DIN 41612
This series includes high voltage contacts for D-Sub and DIN 41612 Mixed Layout Connectors. The assembly is done by a simple snap-in method. A tool is necessary for extraction.

Coaxial inserts according DIN 41626 part 2 which are designed forD-Sub Mixed Layout connectors and connectors according to EN 60603-2 (previously DIN 41612)

Non-Magnetic Contacts
For customised applications in the medical, measurement and test engineering and aerospace industry.
Further contact versions on request.

Pneumatic FMG
This series includes pneumatic contacts (FMG-series) for D-Sub Mixed Layout connectors and for connectors according EN 60603-2 (previoulsy DIN 41612). The assembly is done by a simple snap-in method. For the extraction a tool is necessary.

Crimp Contacts for
D-Sub Connectors
High Density Connectors

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