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Custom Products - Mouldings

A company specialising in the design and supply of cutting edge audio/visual distribution systems approached C.E.I. to help them bring elements of their system to market. the product, aimed at everyday households, would need to cope with typical end user abuses whilst presenting the product as part of a professional, well thought out system. in order to achieve this brief we set about designing a small plastic enclosure which would house delicate electronics and present a robust interface to the outside world. The enclosure also needed to allow for several cable configurations both actual and perceived. Up front tool costs also needed to be kept to a minimum. We elected for a hermaphroditic design reducing the tool requirement from a 1+1 to a single impression tool. To keep production costs down the housing would clip together in one action, removing the requirement for secondary fastening systems.


The RJ45 Data Module was developed to fit into the cable outlet of an IBM data connector thus enabling RJ45 terminated Twisted Pair cabling to be interfaced to IBM cabling systems. It had to have an appearance compatible with the IBM design. The data connector and the RJ45 Data Module come together to form a physically robust unit that is capable of withstanding physical shocks in unfriendly environments. Manufactured from flame retardant A.B.S., the RJ45 Data Module is ideal for use in applications such as POS, Banks,. Financial Dealer Rooms, Hotels, Industrial Communications etc., where precision and appearance are important.

This project involved the development of a “balun” housing; the appearance had to be aesthetically pleasing since the product would be used in office locations; at the same time it had to be rugged enough to withstand the rigours of a busy environment. In addition, it had to be sufficiently flexible to be used with a variety of connectorisation and sturdy to ensure a high degree of connector integrity and reliability. The mould was designed to incorporate the facility for logos to be inserted where customers required their own vendor branded product.

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