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RJ45 Modular Connectors

Cambridge Connectors has over 25 years experience in specifying and manufacturing interconnection products.
Our in-house expertise in electromechanical technology coupled with the abilities of our worldwide supply partners puts us in an ideal position to provide, not only a wide range of standard connectors, but also custom solutions for non standard applications.

Modular Jacks and Sockets
These connectors are designed for use in telecom and datacom UTP & STP networking applications. Sockets come as single units or as 2 - 12 port single or double level "harmonicas" with a variety of profiles and contact arrangements. Plugs are available in tool-less IDC versions and in different latched / keyed styles. Cord couplers and coloured strain reliefs complement the range.

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  • Modular Plugs
  • Modular Sockets
  • RJ45 Sockets
  • RJ45 Harmonicas
Modular RJ45 Jacks and Sockets and Harmonicas.



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