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Subminiature 'D' Connector Accessories

Cambridge Connectors has over 25 years experience in specifying and manufacturing interconnection products.
Our in-house expertise in electromechanical technology coupled with the abilities of our worldwide supply partners puts us in an ideal position to provide, not only a wide range of standard connectors, but also custom solutions for non standard applications.

D Subminiature Connector Accessories
A wide range of hoods and accessories adds flexibility to this versatile range of connectors which are used in telecommunication, information technology, instrumentation and industrial applications. Special accessories are also available for mixed layout version which allow a combination of signal, RF,  high power and pneumatic contacts. For harsh operating environments waterproof (IP67) and EMC hoods are also available. >>more

D Subminiature Connectors Accessories

  • Hoods >>more
  • Waterproof Hoods >>more
  • Mixed Layout Hoods >>more
  • Screwlocks, slide locks, spring latches, jackscrews, etc. >>more

Accessories Catalogue >>more

D Subminiature Accessories Catalogue, Hoods, and Hardware



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