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Subminiature 'D' Connectors

Cambridge Connectors has over 25 years experience in specifying and manufacturing interconnection products.
Our in-house expertise in electromechanical technology coupled with the abilities of our worldwide supply partners puts us in an ideal position to provide, not only a wide range of standard connectors, but also custom solutions for non standard applications.

D Subminiature Connectors
These connectors are ideal for telecommunication, information technology, instrumentation and industrial applications.
The mixed layout version allows a combination of signal, RF,  high power and pneumatic contacts. For harsh operating environments waterproof (IP67) and filter types are also available. A wide range of hoods and accessories adds further flexibility to this versatile range of connectors. >>more

D Subminiature Connectors -

D-Subminiature Connectors, Standard, High Density, Crimp Contact, Right Angle European and American footprint, Low Profile Right Angle, Waterproof and Filered for harsh environments, IDC, non magnetic.
D Subminiature Mixed Layout Connectors - provide combination of signal, power and coaxial contacts in a single shell.
Mixed Layout D range, signal contacts, coaxial contacts, high voltage and power contacts all in the same shell. Pneumatic contacts available as well.


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